List of the Departments that host the graduate programs of the School

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Department Biotechnology

Department Computer Science

Funded in 2001, the Department of Computer Science at University of Verona is located in Borgo Roma (South Verona), Strada le Grazie, 15. Its main research labs and offices are located in the buildings called “Ca’ Vignal 2” and “Piramide” in the area of the Medical-Scientific Center of the university. Faculty staff is composed of 53 professors and the department can count on 27 Ph.D. students, 42 Post Docs, 30 research assistants and 7 administrative employees. The department has several research and teaching activities which represent a continuous of competences from mathematics, through computer science and computer engineering, up to physics. Active research areas are: discrete and application mathematics, theory of computation, machine intelligence, information systems, software engineering and security, applied computing, cyber-physical systems, applied and experimental condensed matter physics. Teaching courses offered by the department are: three bachelor degrees (Computer science, Bioinformatics and Applied mathematics), three master degrees (Computer engineering, Mathematics, Bioinformatics and medical biotechnologies) and three post master courses (Computer game development, Ph.D. in computer science and Ph.D. in mathematics). Finally, the leadership of the department in applied research and the impact on the surrounding area are confirmed by a 3M€ annual budget (in majority composed by collected research funding though European, national and regional programs) and by the five spin-offs created in the last years. 
Department Diagnostics and Public Health

Department in Morphological-Biomedical Sciences

Department Neuroscience, Biomedicine and Movement Science

Mission The main aim of the Department is to combine clinical and basic research sharing cultural and methodological approaches while optimizing the interactions with the teaching activities. The Department’s fields of research include: human physiology, macro- and microscopic morphological sciences, disorders of the nervous system and visual system, physiology and bio-molecular functions of human motion, human behavior and psychology including studies about consciousness and individual personality trait, along with their biological, physiological and neuropsychological correlates. Psychometric and related theories and measurements in the field of psychology are also considered.